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First of all we take this opportunity to welcome you to GLOBAL track and at this outset,on behalf of GLOBAL track we wish to thank you for your interest shown in GLOBAL track.

With immense pleasure again we shall avail this opportunity to narrate that GLOBAL track is an organization, set up by high professional and technical experts in the field of innovative training, to students of all categories. We through our well knitted courses of Abacus, Advanced Vedic Maths and Teachers Training/Orientation Programme, aiming at development of human intellect through Concentration, Imagination and Increased Sharp Memory. All our courses are research based, scientific and based on concept, that already has become most popular and has wide spreaded all over the world.

With your association, as a Prestigious Member of any form of our reputed GLOBAL track family, you will definitely have a unique entity of your own, at the best stage of your career and name-fame and all.

Those of you, who never say 'Die' and are in the habit of emerging at the top will have a special place in our GLOBAL track. WE are determined to create a special 'niche' for GLOBAL track in the education sector in the very near future.
So Again we WELCOME you and invite you to be a part of our GLOBAL track Family, because

GLOBAL track   Discover.......A New Experience Of Learning.

       Your valuable Ideas and Suggestions are always WELCOME as well.


Thanking You,

GLOBAL track Family


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Why Only GLOBAL track ?

An ISO 9001:2008 Certification ensures you to our high qality products and better relationship with customers. Also it is sign of active response to International, Non-tariff Baier

GLOBAL track cares childhood of 5-14 years F child friendly syllabus and improves their all round academic praficiency.

GLOBAL track continuously updating and improving ourselves towards betterment and best understanding of this ancientart.


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